OmnicBot - The bot that could have been

When I first started using Discord last year, I have to admit I wasn’t very competent in node.js. Sure I knew JavaScript, in fact I’d been more or less using it since I was 14 years old. When I learned that Discord had an API for bots and that it was possible to do awesome things with it, I got hooked. I proposed to the leader of an Overwatch guild I was on that I could probably make a pretty interesting bot for them, given a few months. And boy did I!

OmnicBot (obviously taken from the Overwatch universe) ended up having a couple of great features. Notably, it would “hoist” you to the top of the user list when you were streaming the game on Twitch. It had a nice tag system that served as an FAQ, moderation commands and various things like user lists and new user tracking and stuff. That bot, built in Discord.js version 8, was rock solid for 8 months, and even extended to cover a Pokemon Go guild created by the same owner. I was proud. Eventually however, the guilds sort of died down, I was on to better things than updating the bot (you know, like my Komada Framework!) so after so many months of faithful (and almost unbroken) uptime, I finally retired it. It now sits in the archives of my Github account, collecting metaphorical dust and pondering its preciously short existence!